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PWSD No. 12 to Provide Administrative Services to Selma Village Sewer Dist.

PWSD No. 12 has partnered with the Selma Village Sewer District (SVSD) to provide administrative and billing services for the Sewer District effective October 01, 2022.

What this means:

  • PWSD No. 12 will be the main point of contact for all Sewer District business. (636) 937-9697
  • Beginning Oct. 01, 2022, SVSD customers will receive one bill for both water and sewer services. Each service will be listed separately on the bill with a combined total due.
  • The combined bill may be paid the same way that you currently pay your water bill.
  • The total amount is due by the 15th of each month. After the 15th, a late fee will be added which is 10% of the bill amount.
  • Failure to pay the total due by the fourth Tuesday of the month may result in water service being disconnected. Service will not be restored until full payment is made in addition to a $40 reconnect fee.
  • The water district office will be available during regular business hours to assist with billing questions, to start or stop service, request inspections and to report any operational issues that will be passed along to the SVSD operations department.
  • PWSD No. 12 is NOT merging with or providing operational services for SVSD.
  • The Selma Village Sewer District will remain its own entity governed by its own Board of Directors. The water district is simply providing billing and administrative services to assist SVSD customers.
  • Emergency contact information for the two districts will remain separate and will be listed on each bill. Emergency contacts DO NOT have access to billing information. Billing questions must be handled during regular business hours by PWSD No. 12 office staff.
  • More information can be found at this link.