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Service Line Inventory

Jefferson Co. PWSD No. 12 is conducting a service line inventory as required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Revised Lead and Copper Rule. In performing the service line inventory, we need to know the material composition of both the water system-owned service line (water main to meter) and the customer-owned service line (meter to building). We are requesting your help in this identification process. Service lines can be made of many materials, such as plastic, copper, PEX, HDPE, galvanized, lead, etc. To complete our inventory, we are required to record the material composition of your service line. This information must be reported by the District to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) as required by the EPA. 

To complete the survey, please click here. You will need the account number and service address from a recent bill.

Pictures of identified service lines can also be emailed to lsli@pwsd12.com.  

We would appreciate your response by May 31, 2024. 

Thank you!